Wagering on Hot MLB Team Trends

Wagering on Hot MLB Team Trends

Baseball is a game of streaks, being played out over a schedule of 162 games, and bettors are often at the mercy of these fads.


Baseball is a game of streaks, being played out over a schedule of 162 games, and bettors are often at the mercy of these fads. There are currently several teams streaking in various directions. Be sure to take stock of these patterns before unloading your next wager on Thursdays board.

A major league team can have runs of eight games playing over the total, facing the fifth starter from the opposing team, and be shut down offensively like a garage door. Other times, little moments occur that set off wild sparks. The Los Angeles Dodgers held the lead for a total of two innings of the 29 they played against Arizona over the past weekend and it was enough to take two of three against the D-Backs. The euphoria carried over in scoring 19 runs the next game at Colorado, followed by; you guessed it, one run in game two of the series. Here is a look at current streaks from various MLB clubs.

The Detroit Tigers were supposed to have the most prolific lineup in all of major league baseball this season. Maybe it was the pressure of expectations, or having to keep scoring runs with pitchers allowing runs faster than the price of a barrel of gas was going up in the spring. Whatever the reason, the Tigers were lamer than Madonnaís latest CD. With the advent of increasingly warmer weather and a return to health of all key components in the batting order, Detroit is starting to mash. Since July 8, these smashing Tigers are averaging seven runs per game, sending fear into opposing starters. Over this run, oddsmakers have been attempting to adjust on the run, with Tigers roaring, playing 8-5 OVER the number. In reviewing their games, the biggest reason they have any contests fall below total is Jim Leylandís bunch receives decent starting pitching every so often.

The Milwaukee Brewers are another squad that has been hot with lumber. Manager Ned Yost has been waiting all season for consistency with offense and has moved up to tied for sixth in the National League in runs scored with latest surge. With Ben Sheets and C.C. Sabathia at the top of the rotation, Milwaukee has closed on the Cubs and is 8-4 OVER in last 12 outings.

The Atlanta Braves must feel like they are living in a torn tepee on the road, with 17-33 record, losing -18.2 units. The biggest culprit for this lack of success has been a spotty offense in the traveling grays. Atlanta hitters average a mere 3.8 runs per game on the road. While this isnít breathtaking news based on the season, the Braves are 8-4 UNDER in last 12 road games, keeping season long play intact. Hereís an eye-popper, the Bravos are 0-13 in 2008 in one run games on the road and are on streak of 0-19 in this circumstance dating back to August 10, last season. In fact, they are 1-23 in last 24 road ballgames decided by a single run. Thatís a worse payout than a slot machine on Vegas Strip.

The New York Yankees have been written off more times than a John McCain opt-ed piece sent to major newspapers. With the passing of the All-Star game and a hint of August pennant chase in the air, the Yankees are right back in the hunt, thanks to 11-game winning streak at home. The Bronx Bombers are hitting the horsehide with greater regularity; however it has been the pitching staff which has carried this club. In the 11 wins, Yanks pitchers have given a sick 18 runs, fueling this tear. Little surprise New York is 7-3-1 UNDER in these encounters.

The lowest scoring team in the American League is the Seattle Mariners at 3.9 runs per game and they are persistent in the mode they have set. Seattle scores 3.8 RPG at Safeco Field, 3.8 versus RH starters and 3.6 in day games. Where the Mariners just go overboard is on the road, were average catapults to 4.1 RPG. Since July 5, even the Mís are out-doing themselves. Seattle is a sorry mess at 3-11 and has scored a not so grand total of 24 runs in the losses. Not hard to comprehend, they would be 11-2-1 UNDER in this stretch.

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